Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars

I’ve been waiting this one for quite a while now, and I wasn’t disappointed. I played about 5 games up to now and it feels great.

The new MOO is very respectful of its origins (MOO 1 and 2), while bringing some fresh stuff to the franchise. There are still many things that will need some work, but it’s a great space 4X experience. Upcoming patches and free DLCs will fill the gaps and bring more and more quality to the game. Also, expect the modding community to bring it forward and beyond as well.

The production value of this game is amazing. The graphics are neat, the music is awesome, and the voices are cool. That contributes to the immersion, big time.

I definitely prefer it to Endless Space or GalCiv, for instance. It might be more casual than some other 4X games, but it’s pure fun and that’s what matters! I love it!

Have fun!



Contribute to Brutal Doom on Patreon

Sgt_Mark_IV, creator of the well known Brutal Doom is now on Patreon, the crowd funding platform.

Click here learn more and contribute: Sgt_Mark_IV is creating Doom Mods, Youtube Videos.

Brutal Doom is a very popular mod for  the classic Doom. The Facebook page for the project has almost 35,000 likes. Hopefully, a decent number of people are going to pledge and help Sgt_Mark_IV develop the mod even further and maybe, allow him to make a living out of Brutal Doom.

Good luck to him!

Empires Apart – Pre-Alpha Gameplay and Q&A

If you’re interested to know more about this upcoming game, check out Resonance22’s early impressions of the game.

Empires Apart is an upcoming medieval RTS that borrows from and builds upon the classic Age of Empires II formula. This video shows early development pre-alpha footage so everything is still subject to change. Release date is estimated to be late 2017.

Cossacks: Back to War

I played a few games of the first Cossacks during the past week, as I discovered they’re developing a new one set to be released in 2016. Surprisingly, the game still looks and feels pretty good, even for a 2D RTS from 15 years ago. Last time I played was something like 5 years ago.

The 2D graphics are still fairly good looking and the UI, while really simple, still works great. It’s easy to control your army and have them do whatever you want. I like to fight huge battles and micromanage my armies to victory. 🙂

I also like the fact that we’re usually dealing with whole armies of units here, without a lot of unit-level-micromanagement. That was pretty rare back then and it still works great, even according to today’s standards.

I’m kinda bummed the AI isn’t better, but don’t get me wrong here, it’s a game I adore. I’m just unable to play more than a few random maps note and then, because of the AI’s inability to challenge the player in any legitimate way. They keep doing pretty much the same things in every single game.

All in all, Cossacks was and still is a good game, despite its few shortcomings. It’s a classic every RTS fan gotta try. 🙂